Otaku Collection Haul for December 2021

2 thoughts on “Otaku Collection Haul for December 2021”

  1. I wasn’t aware (after all this time) that you do the same as me and get releases in both US and UK. I’m at that point where I want to look into a player for them. Do you have 2 separate blu-ray players or did you find a good one that can do both regions?


    1. I was able to secure a region free Blu-ray player for a solid price back in April 2017 (which is now out of print I believe). It’s still functional but I felt that for better accessibility I would want Region B versions whenever possible especially if the big difference is packaging. For the most part if a US Region A version is better in authoring, then I don’t need to double-dip for a UK Region B version.

      My main setup is essentially a Seiki U-Vision Blu-ray player for Region A and PlayStation 5 for Region B/UHD.


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