April 2021 Solicitations for US Anime Home Video Releases

2 thoughts on “April 2021 Solicitations for US Anime Home Video Releases”

  1. Something has been confusing me whenever I see this Solicitations email. Whats up with the years? Like this:


    How is it ‘coming soon’ if it says 2017 and we’re in 2021? So I’m just wondering how I should be reading this section of the email when I see all these past years and the anime’s to-be-released listed among them. Even when it gets into the seasons like ‘winder 2020’ or a future one like ‘spring 2021’.

    Thank you in advance for your explanation and help!

    -Juan Bilderain



    1. Hello! Licensing often gets in the way for a number of titles.

      Funimation generally does release everything they have for home video, however there have been some cases where they decide not to. I suspect something has happened for the 2017 titles Chronos Ruler and Masamune-kun’s Revenge because those two are tied to Crunchyroll in terms of the main licensor (but since Sony has recently bought Crunchyroll, those two may get a release in the end).

      As for Sentai, honestly I have no clue what is going on with them as they have been inconsistent on planning, so it’s possible many of the anime acquired between 2017 to 2019 will remain streaming only (and if that is officially the case, then the list above would be adjusted).

      Aniplex is also a similar case to where they often go for a streaming only approach unless they dub the title which usually lands a home video release.

      That being said, as I have done with my solicitation posts over the years, if the older titles don’t show up after a certain period of time then it’ll be removed from the list to tidy it up.

      Hope that helps!


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