October 2020 Solicitations for US Anime Home Video Releases

2 thoughts on “October 2020 Solicitations for US Anime Home Video Releases”

  1. Any word on Hikaru No Go and Cross Game? I saw a posting from you elsewhere commenting that Cross Game was not licensed, which is more than I was ever able to find out. Would love to figure out how to look into these other than googling keywords like “Hikaru No Go coming to blu-ray” and hoping I get lucky!


    1. Hello! Hikaru no Go is in this sort of limbo where Viz Media once released the series on DVD and never bothered to re-release it since. I don’t know if they still hold the rights but if they don’t, I can see Discotek rescuing it in the future. Cross Game was unreleased and could land with Discotek in the same vein that Reborn! had done (i.e. streamed by Viz, released by Discotek). I mention Discotek as they are the go-to for older anime coming back in print in the best way possible.


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